How is Mental Illness viewed in the United States

How is Mental Illness Viewed in the United States?

Some of the areas or all of the areas you may focus on are:

     How schools integrate students with a mental illness? 

     How and what do businesses do to assist those with a mental illness to be productive? 

     How do city and state governments assist with those with mental illness?

     Is there a growth or reduction in funds and facilities from both state and the federal government for those with mental illness?

Essay Format:

APA Style: http:   //

Length: 7 Pages 

Typed using 1” Margins; Double-spaced; 12-point font.

Include: Your Name; Course Name; Instructor’s Name; Title; and Date.


Introductory Paragraph: Abstract

      Introduce the presentation of the topic.

      Very brief summary of the topic.

Thesis statement:

     Describe the specific issue that you are responding or reacting to;

     agree, disagree, connect with, evaluate etc. Organizing Ideas, Opinions,

     and Viewpoints:

Thesis statement forms the basis of the essay.

    Decide on a few key ideas that express your thesis statement. 

    Describe at least three of these key ideas.

    Develop your ideas in each paragraph by using examples, giving details,

         and using material from the presentation.

    Body of the Essay:

    Discuss the topic and your response/reaction to it referring to the

    presentation. If disputing the facts or the conclusions, give solid reasons

    to support your interpretation. Always be accurate with the titles and authors.

    If you use any quotes from the text book, you may use parenthetical citation.

    If you quote from another book, then a footnote is necessary.


Concluding Paragraph:

    Reiteration of your thesis statement.



Expectations:  Excellent   Fair   Poor

The introductory paragraph:  

      Provides a brief and concise summary of the topic and has a specific thesis statement which

      reflects the writer’s research and builds an expectation in the reader. 


Body of the essay:

     Has a well-written topic sentences and is well-supported with effective citations and clear,

     mature, and original ideas and refers to the original source whenever necessary.


The concluding paragraph:

         Rephrases main points and ends with an original and meaningful concluding comment.



     All ideas are relevant to each other and to the thesis statement.

     Sentences and paragraphs are logically ordered and smoothly

          connected to one-another with a variety of appropriate linking

          devices and reference words, and/or repetition of key words.


Grammar & Mechanics:

     Sentence forms are accurate.

     Word choice is accurate and varied.

     Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, paragraphing, spacing, indentation,

          and margining are proper.

    The ideas have been properly cited with a variety of citation techniques

         (quotation/ summary/ paraphrase).

    References are complete and in the right format.

Again, you can turn your paper in early for corrections and direction but I will not re-write your paper.

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