Please use ama format-

Please follow the specific directions below—

Please use 5 references but in order 1,2,3,4, 5

This is written from a Physician Assistant perspective-

This is a formal research paper and not a discussion board post.


Assignment Instructions


As a future reformer of the healthcare system, choose one of the following challenges:

1. American consumption of health services

2. Complex pricing/reimbursement system for healthcare services

3. Demand and access to care 

4. Impact/influence of practicing defensive medicine (malpractice/legal medicine) 

5. With the influx of immigrants into the US, what is the best way to handle healthcare for these individuals while many Americans remain uncovered for health services? 

Then evaluate the information and propose logical ways to address the problem.  Use what you have learned from other countries (from your reading and research), if applicable, in your discussion of possible solutions.  


Two to three page paper (not including title page and references), double spaced with and written in AMA format and Times New Roman font.  Include a title page and reference page.  This is due by Sunday at midnight. 

Structure (please label sections accordingly): 

Introduction – Explain the nature of the problem and how it’s important to the healthcare system 

Discussion – Analyze, compare and contrast the problem.  Provide recommendations supported by your discussion.  

Conclusion – Bring closure to the paper by summarizing your main points and solution(s) to the problem.  

Key Points:

1. Use five or more current peer-reviewed citations and sources to support your fully developed argument.  Feel free to apply concepts previously discussed in this course (as applicable), but please do not repeat information already covered in this class.  

2. Make sure to use current references (no older than five years, when possible) and from academic sources. Be concise and purposeful with your words. Remember that this is a short paper.  Since these topics are broad, the goal is to summarize the material into a short paper.  Feel free to focus on a specific aspect of the larger topic.

3. Note that this is a formal research paper, which is different from our discussion board posts (discussion boards can be more casual at times since sharing personal experiences is welcome in this class). This literature review is not based on your own clinical setting, personal experiences, case studies, or opinion. Do not use personal pronouns. 

4 You may be creative with the title.

5 Title your paper with your last name, course number, and assignment number.  Example: “Witte.920.assignment 1”

Assignment Information & InstructionsClick HERE for directions on how to run the similarity checker and how submit a Google Assignment. RUN THE SIMILARITY CHECKER BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR PAPER!!!!!  Note that there should be ZERO flagged passages.  

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