Great Britain and the U.S

Think carefully about this and make sure your answer is grounded in empirical observations….

 The text and material suggests that a primary hallmark of British politics over the ages is gradualism [slow, incremental change, and adaptability. While many of its continental neighbors underwent internal war, revolution or lapses into authoritarianism on their way to democracy, Britain managed to avoid the worst of this (though it was not without some conflict) What are the specific features of the British system that supports gradualism and adaptability? Note you need to address the contributions of culture, electoral system, party system and the workings of parliament.  How did the British system manage to accommodate itself to changes in society without collapsing?   How do they do that? [note: gradualism is an explanation of how Britain changed; not a strategy that the British employ. Many students make this very common error]

Construct a response that directly answers the  question.

  What do you think…

 Do a good job here as you may be asked to compare gradualism to other evolutionary trajectories later…About  500 words. Be sure to convince me you read the test carefully.

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