Eye physiology and anatomy + Horomne post menopause changes

It is talking about the eye anatomy, physiology of making the tear and dry eye syndrome changes,

then the hormonal imbalance post­menopause and how it affect the lifestyle of the women in


Kindly make 1 page for the eye anatomy with figuers of it and second page physiology of tear

formation pre and post dry eye syndrome.

third page will focus on calcium channel and transportation active or passive difussion during the eye

tear and chanels of calcium physiological how it occur Na+ and other substances.

4 page talk about the hormonal in table and compare each of physiological and where secreted andgraph of increasing and decreasing after menopause.

5 is general idea of the menopause and why we have to focus on it for the benefit lifestyle, welfare of

women and so on with conclusion.

kindly don’t exceed +10% 1500 words


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