Exodus Character Study

Exodus Character Study

Read the Bible – Exodus chapters 1-15 and then choose ONE of the following prompts to write about. 

  • Please ensure that your responses are based directly on what happens in the Bible story.
  • Quote specific examples and verses from the Bible to support your points.
  • You only have to write on ONE of the choices
  • Your responses should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Make sure you write your document in Word, with the Assignment name and your name on a heading at the top of the essay and then attach your assignment to the page.

Compare and contrast the following Characters from the story of the Exodus.  Describe their interactions with one another that are significant.  Describe how and why they relate and respond to one another.  Describe the weaknesses and/or strengths that they bring into the Exodus account.  Finally, describe what motivates them to do what they do in the story.

Choose one of the following to write about:

  • Option 1 – MOSES & PHARAOH
  • Option 2 – PHAROAH AND GOD (they do interact but not directly…)
  • Option 3 – GOD AND MOSES

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