Essay 4

Essay # 4 should connect to the rhetorical mode of Compare/Contrast

Read “Just Walk on by” by Brent Staples and review the Handouts in order to write this essay:

·         You will create your own prompt for this essay while examining an aspect of Compare and Contrast.  

o    Chapter 11 “Comparison/Contrast” Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide

·         You will base your essay on a topic that is connected to your reading, but you will not focus on the reading itself

·         The topic you choose should take a stand on an issue or make an argument on an issue, and connect that issue in some way to the rhetorical mode of Comparison/Contrast.

·         Make sure you show both sides of your argument, but emphasize why your view is correct.

·         You must support your arguments with academic evidence. 

·         Four outside sources are required.

Simple Example:

Simple Example: Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space

Possible topic: Women need to be more conscious of their environment than men, while out alone.

Both sides: Women find it necessary to monitor their surroundings, plan exit routes, and keep their keys out in order to feel safe while most men do not OR Both men and women find it necessary to monitor their surroundings in order to feel safe.



·         Never write in first or second person point of view, always use third person (They, theirs, them, his, her, etc)

·         Do not summarize the story

·         Read the lectures for guidance and ideas

·         Show balance

·         4 outside sources are required

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