Employee motivation

My name is Maria Wachtel, I am 34 years old and have been working as a supervisor since 2013 in ambulant intensive care. The importance of motivated employees has quickly crystallized for me, as well as quickly dissatisfaction with employees can arise. The topic has aroused my interest and I have come up with some questions which I will discuss in my paper:

-what motivates employees? (Definition: motive, motivation, needy pyramid according to Maslow, material and non-material motivators, the opposite: internal termination, impact on the operation)

-which factors lead to work satisfaction and how is work unsatisfied?

– what influence do I have as a nurse in the motivation of my employees? (Communication, employee discussion, feedback, appreciation, interest for personal concerns of employees)

I would like to have a motivated and satisfied team for the future as a nurse. Since I am an important contact person for my employees in the nursing home day, I would like to have a trusting and respectful relationship with my employees so that this also reflects the care and the care of our patients / clients.

I hope that through the intensive study of employee motivation I have sensitized myself to the topic and created an optimal basis for the fulfillment of my ideas.

…. these were the few ideas I had on the subject. I find it difficult to limit the topic so that the paper is useful and as the teachers want the housework “round”.


My team is very close to my heart and I am convinced that as a nursing assistant, I make a huge (if not the largest) share of the work satisfaction and motivated work of my employees.

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