Effects of Oil Price Fluctuations on Household Expenditure in Malaysia

Analyse and write a report based on your findings. More credit would be given if you could provide a clear opinion and a large amount of supporting detail in your report. Please include relevant references in your report. Some of the possible areas that you wish to address are:

i) The introduction:

• Have you explained the importance of the topic?

• Have you provided background information?

• Does the introduction make clear the structure of the report?

• Is it clearly separated from other sections?

• Is it concise?

ii) The argument:

• Have you included all the key points?

• Is your sequence of points clear and logical?

• Have you considered possible counter-arguments?

• Is the relationship between the points clear?

iii) The evidence:

What sort of evidence have you used? (Text, statistics, graphical data)

• Have you shown how the evidence is relevant to your argument?

• Have you clearly separated others’ reported views and your own views?

• Have you evaluated the strength of the evidence?

• Do you make any claims? Are they justified?

• Have you acknowledged all your sources?

• Have you integrated direct quotations into your own text?

iv) The conclusion:

• Does it summarise the ground covered?

• Does it explain your final position on the question?

• Does your final sentence provide a strong and concise ending to the report?

Your report should consist of:

i. Introduction ii. Literature Review iii. Discussion iv. Conclusion and Recommendations

v. References and Citations Instructions:

1) Your report must be in essay form.

2) Your report should be a minimum of 10 pages and maximum 15 including table of contents and references.

3) Write your report in Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing.

4) References must be in Harvard style.

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