discussing the FAR.   – The Study Corp

Part 1
This week we will be discussing the FAR.  Review the interactive regarding Part 16 of the FAR.( https://quizlet.com/49696340/far-part-16-flash-cards/)
Once at the website, you can choose Flashcards to review the information as a flashcard set or you can select Learn to try taking it as a sample quiz.
After completing one or both interactive learning, discuss with the class what you learned about Part 16 of the FAR.
Full version of FAR 16 Link (https://www.acquisition.gov/far/part-16)
Part 2
Based on material from chapters 4 & 5 (Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes). Answer CO 6 in a concise, yet inclusive manner.
CO6: Identify and catalog current best practices in RL.

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