Digital Strategy and Marketing Audit on a Business

For this assessment, you are to conduct a Digital Strategy and Marketing Audit either on your own business or a small-medium business. Do not choose a large national or multi-national company. To get the most benefit from this assessment, it is ideal if you can spend time engaging with the company first hand to get a strong understanding of their overall business strategy and all of its digital marketing platforms (e.g. website, mobile app, social media, ecommerce, etc.). Using the Digital Strategy Audit Checklist provided, complete the checklist for your organisation. There are many types of audit checklists; this one is a compilation of some of the ones on the internet. If you have one that is more relevant to your organisation, you must get it approved by your Workshop Facilitator. You will be required to submit the actual checklist completed as part of your report. The design and the structure of your Audit Report is up to you, depending on your findings. The Audit Report is not to exceed 10 pages (this does not include the checklist in your Appendix). Your report must include the following:
Identify the strategic objectives for the company in terms of their digital marketing strategy.
What is the• company trying to accomplish with these efforts? What evidence did you find to suggest these objectives? Is digital marketing actually suited to that strategy? Briefly identify the key digital platforms in which you believe the company is engaging with customers.
• Describe the kind of content, if any, the company is programming in each of its digital platforms. If
• applicable, analyse the content and your experience engaging in each space. Things to consider are: degree of engagement (i.e., 1:1 or broad publishing of content), brand & message consistency, level of uniqueness, ability to solve problems/answer questions, added-value, ease of use, etc. Analyse how the various platforms are either working together or existing in silos.
• Comment, as relevant, on any direct calls-to-action/direct incentives on a digital platform intended to
• drive sales of tickets, merchandise, or other revenue for the company. Rate the overall digital marketing efforts of this company (numerical grade/percentage) and make specific recommendations to improve the digital strategy. Identify the issues and the resolutions/actions needed to be taken to rectify each issue. What do you see the results will be if the company implements your recommendations? Feel free to use examples that you believe are successful from other companies/websites (e.g., best practices). Be sure to cite those companies/websites accordingly

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