develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management

Question 1

Conduct appropriate research into evidence-based practice requirements and explain the approach.



Briefly explain the following approaches to service delivery

• Strengths-based

• Rights-based

• Person-centred

• Needs-based


Question 3

It is commonly accepted that behaviour change occurs in stages or steps. What are the five stages?


Question 4

What are the goals of privacy legislation and principles?



What do formal meetings involve? What are the characteristics of successful meetings?


Question 6

Your clients require information about their rights of appeal and avenues of complaint. What information do you need to give them?


Question 7

Provide five examples of legislation that might apply to your work.



Question 8

Discuss your duty of care to your clients.



Within the community services sector there are diverse client populations who require special considerations due to their history and needs. List and describe at least five client populations who are likely to have specialized considerations, protocols, history and needs.


Question 10

List at five pieces of information you might need from the families of clients.


Question 11

You need to be able to question your clients effectively. What questioning techniques could you use.


Question 12

When a case is being transferred to another agency, what documentation needs to be completed by the receiving agency? What documentation needs to be transferred to the receiving agency? How quickly should this be done? List at least five types of document or records that might be included.


Question 13

List five areas that can be evaluated as part of monitoring and reviewing case management practices.



Question 14

How do you find out what service are available to your clients?


Question 15

What are the rights, roles and responsibilities of case managers?


Question 16

What is the impact of values systems of worker, client and key stakeholder on outcomes?


Question 17

Why are performance evaluations important to organisation with role in the case management process?

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