Define the Problem: CLABSI in the ICU

This week you will identify the focus of your project and anticipate the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns that may arise.


For this assignment, you will:

  • Define the problem (CLABSI in the ICU)
  • Identify the problem to be addressed and the setting in which it occurs.
  • Summarize and briefly discuss your proposal to address the problem.
  • Identify and discuss: 
  • ethical, 
  • legal, 
  • and regulatory concerns relating to the problem.
  • Explain why you chose the problem. (okay to use first person)


You must cite at least two scholarly references (within past 5 years).


Format your assignment as one of the following:


  • Minimum 875-word paper; your paper must be organized using APA Level I headings for the assignment requirements noted above.

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