Curriculum and Pedagogy

Length: 2500 words


Task rationale: The goals of this task are to introduce pre-service teachers to the planning required for

English teaching and to critically evaluate the basis for this planning. This will require a close understanding

of the relevant Curriculum/Syllabus, as well as support resources, in order to plan teaching activities relevant

to a year of Primary English (K-6).

Task: Teaching and assessment activities for English.

There are two parts to this task:

1) Teaching and assessment activities – present three (3) learning activities to address the English teaching

areas of: Reading and viewing, writing and responding, and speaking and listening based on a children’s

book (see below for details). At least one of the activities will include ICT (Information Communication

Technology) and one will include an assessment task.

2) Critical evaluation – critically evaluate the role of the literacy learning theories in the activities that you


Unit Learning Outcomes:

1. Design teaching and learning strategies that employ ICTs to maximise student engagement and inclusivity.

2. Incorporate literacy assessment into teaching and learning.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of the ways in which English can be integrated across other KLAs.

There are two parts to this assignment:

1. Learning activities: design three (3) learning activities (details below) (500-600 words each).

2. Critical evaluation: connect the literacy learning theories and your learning activities (750 words).

Details and steps to completing the assignment: using the headings and template below:

a. Select a recently published contemporary children’s book (first published since 2006). If you are unsure

please check with the Unit Assessor, Jubilee Smith.

b. Nominate a year level of Primary school, Kindergarten or Foundation-Year 6, for which this teaching will

be planned.

c. Create and present three (3) learning activities, one each for: Reading/viewing, writing/responding, and

speaking/listening for a whole class, small group or an independent learning centre. Each activity will

need to use the book as inspiration or focus. Use the template provided below.

 One activity must include or use ICT (e.g. program, website, game etc.). You will need to explicitly

show how this will be ‘part’ of the activity and a ‘screen grab’ or image of the game/ website must be


 An assessment item must be given for one of these activities. See the table for the details to be


d. Write a critical evaluation regarding the role of the literacy learning theories in the activities. Careful and

clear use of the academic literature and APA 6th edition referencing is required throughout

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