Chapter 2 Hw

1. Describe 4 values related to the Rac in the Asu culture. Remember, these are general concepts or ideas.

2. Using complete sentences, describe 4 norms, or specific expectations for behavior, regarding the Rac for people in the Asu culture.

3. Using complete sentences, for each norm, tell me if you think it is a more or folkway and explain why. You could relate your explanations to how important the norm is to the survival of the society, whether it is strictly sanctioned or not, and/or whether it is related to morals.

4. What does the Rac symbolize in the Asu culture? In other words, describe 4 meanings associated with the Rac in this culture.

5. Applying cultural relativism, explain at least two reasons the Rac may be important to the Asu society, despite the problems. Your answer should be 2+ thoughtful sentences.

6. What is one thing you would like to know about the Rac in Asu society? Then, which research method do you think would be most effective for finding out – experiment, survey, field research, or secondary analysis? Pick only one and explain why this research method would be best for learning want you want to know about the Rac in Asu society, as well as the weaknesses of the other methods. Your answer should be 4+ thoughtful sentences.


‘Thoughtful’ means not just answering the entire question, but providing support for or explaining your answer with your own specific knowledge, experiences, or other examples. Don’t repeat yourself and make sure it is very clear to a non-sociologist what you are saying. You should not go to the internet or any other outside source to answer the questions. The homework is designed to help you work with and apply the concepts to the best of your ability, rather than restate the definitions. You will likely earn all points if it is complete, shows that you have put forth effort, and indicates that you have read the text and paid attention to the lecture. If your answer does include information from another source and you do not cite it, this is plagiarism and you will earn an automatic zero. For citations, I just need the title and author of where you got the information/ideas somewhere either in-text or at the end. 

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