change management research

The dynamic nature of business market has made it Impossible for a company to proceed based on static operation and old ideas. Currently the firms need to adopt diversity and innovation to retain satisfactory market position. Successful change management is becoming a crucial factor for globally operating companies. To develop an Inclusive workplace that fosters change by aligning every Individuals with the core philosophy of the company requires effective management policy (Bless and Mask, 2004).

But the success of the policy depends on the effectiveness with which it s implemented and communicated to the concerned parties. Even in this highly automated and Industrialized business era, a company has to recognize the Indispensable service It receives from its human resource. Retention of talented employees can be a core competency issue for an organization. So in the face of any change the company must show clear opposition to any type of discrimination in its operating procedures to ensure that the management change is not resulting from any sort of biasness and it Is not directed to affect any particular group.

Such straightforward and unambiguous policy is discouraging for any sort of coordinators behavior, and it also ensures growth opportunities of each employee. Another distinguishing factor of the change management policy can be Its awareness towards employee security and rights. The company must be devoted to ensuring that every employee receives their dues fairly and do not have to undergo any type of harassment by developing measures to allow the employees to freely express their dissatisfaction regarding any company practice without receiving any unfair treatment.

The change management should convey a clear message to the employees about what Is their role and what Is expected from them. It will facilitate the alteration from previous practices and ensure sustainability (Schneider et al. , 1996). Current business world is dynamic, and any organization that wishes to create favorable market position has to cope with this shift. These rapid changes are posing continuous challenges for the management to develop and control a sustainable policy for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. The most critical factor that determines the smoothness of shift change is employee perception (Sarajevo et al.. 2007). The changes followed by a power switch can be radical, but it turns out to e a successful one If efficient management technique can be applied. Rationale Fewer studies have been conducted on the issue of change management. The reason Is not experts’ ignorance but the complexity and uncertainty related to the subject. As the organizational shift can be caused by several factors and it may not affect all the employees in the same way, the research has to consider various elements before reaching any precise conclusion.

There is no ‘silver bullet’ approach that can be applied to all firms to ensure a successful management change. In the modern fast aced business world organizational change may be multidimensional and can affect the management from different angles. It can be ‘Chosen’ change (proactive approach 1 OFF management); or the change can also result from structural variation, like developmental (improvement of the existing structure), transitional (replacement of the current structure) and transformational (implementation of evolutionary policy by bringing drastic change in organizational core issues) (Price & Chalk, 2005).

Employee perception of the organizational change can vary based on different actors, including communication with the authority, participation in the change, Job satisfaction and leadership policy. Effective communication is of utmost importance as it instills the core vision of change among the employees and energize them to go for it (Smith, 2006). A successful gear shift also depends largely on the perception of the employees toward the change. Leadership skill plays a significant role to ensure a smooth organizational change by balancing the interests of employees and customers and investors (Schmidt and Jackson, 2005).

Effective change management an lead to sustainability by engaging the affected employees the alteration process. It will contribute to developing employee satisfaction as personal engagement with the process assures them about the procedural Justice (Guy & Beamed, 2005). According to the study conducted by Fedora, et al. , (2006), employee commitment increases if the employees perceive the organizational change as favorable, but the commitment level dropped if the perception toward change is unfavorable. Such drop in commitment can lead to latent employee dissatisfaction, low performance and reduced level of outputs.

This report will serve any organization heading for or going through a change by delivering necessary information on how to manage the affected human resource efficiently and effectively and thus ensure a smooth organizational shift. This research covers the issues that an organization confronts during its transformation process, especially how they will affect the employee attitude and what measures to adopt to create a favorable response. Every organization transition phase constitutes some basic elements.

The most conspicuous change that a company embraces is the flexibility issue. The flexibility effect gets clear in the organizational structure, communication and the working process. Another noticeable change that can undergo is the empowerment of employees, along with the management switch that can also change the focus of the organization. Considerable research regarding these change management issues can provide valuable insights on successful treatment of employees. Methodology The data used in the research is mainly collected from secondary sources.

The prime sources of information include reports and papers, unpublished reports from beatable organizations and data from major institutions. A major problem faced during preparing the research is the scarcity of studies focused directly on this topic. Despite inadequacy of studies conducted specifically on this issue, there are relevant writings which have covered the issue from different perspective. These reports have provided some valuable insights in the research and contributed to the effectiveness of the report. The data procured from various sources has been carefully analyzed and presented to deliver the conclusive report.

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