Business Report

You are employed by a local UK company (you can choose which sector the company operates in). The company is performing very well in the UK and they are now looking to expand to another European Market.

The directors of the company have asked you to write a business report outlining key issues (positive and negative) that need to be considered before entering this proposed market.

  • In this report, you need to identify the industry the company you work for is from, and identify the market(s) the company wishes to expand to.
  • Based on your analysis (findings) draw conclusions and make recommendations for the future development of the company.

Your report should be appropriately formatted (see lecture notes from Week 7 for guidelines on how to write a report) and be no longer than 1,500 words.  Times New Roman Font, Font size 12, 1 ½ paragraph spacing. The report should contain a cover page with the I.D. numbers of each group member.

Your report must include in the appendix an individual statement and a group meeting diary, as evidence of your even and fair work as a team towards the completion of this report.

Individual statement: Each member of the group should write a 300 word statement outlining how the group performed its task and how that person contributed to complete the project. You must include all individual statements of all group members into Annex 1 of your report. It is expected that all members will contribute with the same fair effort towards the completion of this report. Normally, the group grade will be identical to the grade for each member, unless a compelling reason exists to change it. (In the case of an individual assignment, you should review how you went about the project.) Normally, these statements should be included in the assignment, unless you wish to keep it private. In that case, email it to the module leader a week in advance to the submission deadline (2nd /December, noon).


Group meeting diary: A diary template is included in this assignment brief. 

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