Business Letters: Giving Information And Requesting Information

Go to the document “Business Letters Practice-1.pdf” in the Business Letters.

Note that the examples they show are NOT the letters you are being asked to write; they are just examples of that type of letter.

Write the business letter for Giving Information (#1) and for Requesting Information (#2). (Short writing)


Use Microsoft Word and attach the document.

Giving Information

1. A client has sent a letter asking for information regarding your toy company’s newest invention, the Dojiggy. The

client is the owner of a small family toy store and has asked the following questions: How big is the Dojiggy? What

colours does it come in? How many Dojiggies can the client order? When will they be available? What age group

are they aimed at? How much do they cost? Answer all of the client’s questions. Below is an example of an

information letter.

The Original Octavo Bookstore

205 Humber College Blvd.

Toronto, ON M9W 5L7

March 14, 2006

Professor William McGonagall

1151 Richmond Street

London, ON N6A 4L9

Dear Dr. McGonagall:

You will be pleased to learn that all of the books that you requested have been located. Many of them are first

editions. Few of the books suffer from some wear and tear, but all are complete with no missing pages.

Here is a brief summary of the condition of the books plus either the year they were printed or the edition:

Canterbury Tales- Printed 1477; spine slightly slanted, cover bumped.

Gospels of Henry the Lion, The- First edition; pages a bit chipped, small stain on back cover.

First Folio, The-Printed 1623;

Tamerlane- Printed 1827; pages mildly foxed, otherwise fine.

Tay Bridge Disaster, The- First edition; as new.

My business hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, so you can pick up the books at any point

during those days. If you find yourself looking for more used books in the future, feel free to drop in.


Jean DeWorde

Jean DeWorde

BUSINESS LETTERS Practice Scenarios

The Writing Centre Department of English


Requesting Information

1. You recently attended a friend’s party that you thought was well catered. For the annual staff party, you would

like to hire that same caterer. Write to ask if the company caters for parties of 150 or more people and if the caterer

can arrange for the specific food, decorations, and music that you would like for the party. Don’t forget to let the

caterer know when the party is and how to contact you. Below is an example of a request for information letter.

Generic Business, Inc.

135 Main Street

Strasbourg, ON N6A 5B8

February 23, 2006

Jane Goodmountain

Presto! Printers

1041 Sheng Road

Donatus, ON N6A 5B8

Dear Ms. Goodmountain:

Please provide answers for the following questions regarding your printing and photocopying capabilities.

1. Do you print in colour? 2. Do you use different colours of paper? 3. Do you have different sizes of paper? 4. What is the cost difference between printing using black ink on plain, white, legal paper and

printing using any of the above differences?

Generic Business, Inc. is looking for a printing company to produce its various publications and

advertisements, and your response before March 1 will ensure that we consider you.



Wilhelmina Cackstone

Wilhelmina Cackstone

BUSINESS LETTERS Practice Scenarios

The Writing Centre Department of English



1. The theatre you work for has begun a new season, and your job is selling season tickets to the community. To do so, you must create a sales letter that will convince both new and former theatre-goers to attend. The

season pass to go to all five shows costs $50, an excellent deal, since tickets regularly cost $15 each. This

deal was offered last year and many of the patrons were very impressed, so they could offer some excellent

testimonials to grab attention in your introduction. Don’t forget to let the potential customers know what

plays will be performed this season. Below is an example of a persuasive letter.

Agency Next

9419 Kelly Street

Toronto, ON M4B 1B3

July 29, 2006

Ms. Alexis Hadden

Universal Digital Options Network

667 Wilson Lane

Toronto, ON M9W 5K7

Dear Mrs. Hadden:

Are your employees having trouble keeping pace with new technology? In a recent survey, 76% of the

employees questioned responded by saying that they felt they did not understand enough about the

technology their companies, and that this lack of understanding was interfering with their productivity.

We at Agency Next specialize in assisting large organizations with updating their technology, as well as their

employees. Our well-trained and expert staff is always up-to-date when it comes to new advancements and

are fully prepared to assist in training anywhere from one to 100 people.

In the past, many companies have felt that their employees’ “adequate” knowledge of technology was

enough for the company to meet its goals. However, with the aid of our staff, these same companies

increased staff productivity by 58%. To improve the productivity of your employees, simply contact us at

(543) 123-7768 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. If you make an appointment to see us before August

30, we will install our computer help programs free of charge.



Simon Gale

Simon Gale

BUSINESS LETTERS Practice Scenarios

The Writing Centre Department of English


Responding to Claims

1. A customer of the software company you work for has written to complain that the anti-virus program that was

ordered doesn’t work. The customer is now requesting a refund. For an extra challenge, write one letter in which

you can give a refund and one letter in which you can’t. Below is an example of a letter that responds to claims.

Panels and Frames Art Suppliers

65 Gould Street

Oshawa, ON L1K 2L1

October 30, 2006

Doctor Martina Li

109 Crawford Road

Kitchener, ON N2L 3G1

Dear Dr. Li:

The Excelsior paint sets are of superlative quality, and allowing customers to create their own paint sets lets

the individual create a palette that exactly suits his or her needs.

Each of our paint sets is created specifically to order from a selection of paints available and shown in our

catalogue, which includes a list of the materials used in the creation of the paint. While a refund cannot be

given, we will be happy to allow you to select some new, non-allergenic paints to replace the individual

paints in your set that affect you. Our new arts supply catalogue has just been published, with an additional

10 new, unique colours added to the over 100 colours already available.

Our paints are the finest available and are best used with our newest brush set, which can be seen on page 39

of the new catalogue. These brushes are made of lacquered oak with kolinsky sable hair and come in a range

of sizes from 20 to 30 and a variety of styles, such as rounds, flats, filberts, stipplers, liners, scripts, eggberts,

and fans.

Thank you for making us aware of your situation. We will be working hard to ensure that there are better

warnings in the future for individuals with allergies.



Joanne Kurtzberg

Joanne Kurtzberg

BUSINESS LETTERS Practice Scenarios

The Writing Centre Department of English


Delivering Bad News

1. Your appliance-producing company was proud to unveil a revolutionary new toaster last month. However, several

customers have reported that putting two pieces of toast in the toaster at the same time causes the toaster to spark.

This situation could be dangerous, so the company must now recall all of its 1,000 new toasters. Write a letter

informing your customers of the bad news. Make sure the customers know how your company will help them return

the toasters and what, if any, compensation the company will provide.

2. You were recently invited by Humber College to give a lecture at a presentation on grammar. Unfortunately, you

will be away that week, studying intercultural communication in the Bahamas. You are grateful that they asked

though and are disappointed to be unable to attend. Politely refuse the invitation to speak, giving the reason why.

Perhaps you would be able to speak at another time in the near future. Below is an example of a letter that delivers

bad news.

Red Rose Carpentry

246 Vorpal Street

Warrington, ON O7B 6C9

March 1, 2006

Mr. Theo Teninell

Walls R Us Furnishings

135 Bandersnatch Lane

Cheshire, ON N6A 5B8

Dear Mr. Teninell:

You have been a loyal client for many years now, and we have always appreciated your business. Two

weeks ago you ordered 20 of our finest style of mirrors, the Primus. We are proud of our swift service as well

as the unsurpassed quality of our products, and we understand that this is the reason for your long affiliation

with us.

While the Primus mirrors were being prepared for shipping, the crate fell, and your shipment of mirrors was

damaged. Although not all of the mirrors were broken, it was felt that you would not wish to receive

potentially damaged or flawed mirrors. Instead, a completely new shipment of mirrors will be sent.

New mirrors are already in production, and your order will be replaced by March 17. If you find this

inconvenience unacceptable, we will be glad to offer you a full refund.

In order to compensate for this inconvenience, we are providing you with a free order of our newest wall

hooks to accompany the mirrors. We hope to continue our strong business relationship with you.


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