BSBADM409 Coordinate Business Resources

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Formative Assessment

Activity 1

  • – Why is Resource Management important to organisational health (80 to 100 words).

1.2 – Choose a common household item on which to base this activity.

Where do the resources used to make this item come from – Internal or external sources? What constraints might impact on the acquisition and use of these resources? (Discuss in 150 – 180 words)

Resource List Source: Internal / External Constraints
  • – What is the link between resource acquisition and quality outputs? (30 – 50 words)
  • – Are the customers for the outputs of a team / section / division / plant different from the customers for an organisation? (Discuss 50 – 80 words)
  • – What are 3 consequences of failing to involve a wide range of people in resource planning?
  • – List 5 methodologies that can be used to consult with customers, other stake holders & employees when planning resource use and acquisition?

Activity 2

  • – Explain in 150 – 180 words, how an organisation determines if an action supports its intent in

regards to effective resource management.

  • – Describe (100 – 120 words) the process you should follow when preparing a resource proposal. A proposed resource purchase or expenditure item?

Activity 3

3.1 – Explain in roughly 100 words why hiring the right people for the job is a critical factor for resource management?

3.2 – Discuss how measuring & monitoring individual or work group performance links with the management of effective business resources (120 – 150 words)

3.3 – How important to the achievement of objectives, targets and goals is the management of Human Resources? Explain 120 – 150 words

3.4 – List 5 consequences of not sharing information in an organisation.

Activity 4

4.1 – Why must stock be controlled and, if required, rationalised? (100 – 120 words)

4.2 – Discuss how you can allocate resources necessary to achieve objectives (150 – 180 words)

4.3 – Discuss the role of consultation with individuals and teams in the allocation of resources used to meet an organisation’s goals – 200 – 250 words

Activity 5

5.1 – List 4 ways to build effective, quality-based relationships with suppliers?

5.2 – Discuss the benefits of building such relationships in 50 – 80 words

5.3 – In 120 – 150 words, explain whether it is best to use external suppliers with whom you have built effective relationships, or whether you should constantly shop around for the cheapest deal. Give sound reason for your answer.

5.4 – Explain in 120 – 150 words how resource management is related to quality management and to continuous improvement.

Activity 6

6.1 – Why is it necessary to maintain records concerning equipment and resource purchases? Provide a list of at least 7 operational aspects that must be monitored in terms of resource use.

Summative Assessment 1

Q1 – Identify 3 common business resources (equipment), their functions, and common faults that can effect performance.

Q2: How can organisational policies and procedures help ensure that:

  • Physical resources are acquired as soon as and when they are needed
  • Resources are checked to ensure quality
  • Resources are allocated promptly and efficiently to work teams
  • Work teams are encouraged to provide feedback on resource use, quality, timely delivery and suitability

Answers should be detailed and cover each of these aspects of resource management – 120 – 150 words.

Summative Assessment 2

Project 1

Write a 2000 word report on the importance of effective resource management. Your report will be based on a workplace, sporting club or social club so long as all of the following report components can be addressed.

  • Why is it essential for resource requirements to be determined in accordance with plans
  • How opportunities can be given to individuals and groups to contribute to the identification of resource requirements
  • How recommendation’s on resource requirements should be presented
  • How resource expenditure can be contained to a realistic budget
  • How resource use can be made as efficient as possible
  • How resources must be checked to ensure quality and to ensure that they match what was requisitioned
  • The importance of allocating resources promptly
  • Why resource planning should be monitored for effectiveness
  • Why monitoring methods must allow for timely and accurate reporting
  • The importance of continual improvement of resource management systems
  • Why keeping accurate records of equipment and resource purchases is important

Address and discuss any considerations in relation to legislation that may affect aspects of business operations.

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