Assignment #2– Glo-Bus-Strategic Plan

Produce a strategic business plan that will define your approach to managing your Glo-Bus company and guide the operation of the company for a five year period (years 6 through 10 in the simulation). The plan should clearly describe the strategies you plan to use to compete in the market place and the tactics you will use to implement those strategies. Categories (elements) to be included in the plan will be defined by your team, but you must apply a combination of narrative (words) and quantitative information (numbers). Note that quantitative (numerical) support is essential to proving that your actions will lead to success.

Assignment Objectives You will:

1. Integrate your learning from the Business Management program.

2. Produce a business plan for the express use of guiding the management team in operating a company

3. Execute a business plan Parameters The plan should be no more than 20 pages in length, excluding appendices.

It should be presented in professional business plan format, including an Executive Summary, a Table of Contents, Appendices, and other sections as deemed appropriate by your team. It should be submitted as one document (not multiple files) with graphs, tables and charts appropriately located in the document, well labelled, and numbered with figure numbers. All graphs, tables, charts and appendices should be discussed within the body of the plan. It should include sufficient quantitative support including, but not limited to, pro forma (projected) financial statements for three years.

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