Assessment 1 Option: Program evaluation report

  1. You are employed as the Wellness Coordinator in the Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) department of a large company. Over the last three years the company has implemented a holistic program promoting health and wellbeing in all aspects of employees’ lives. The program has focused on increasing physical activity in the workplace, during lunch breaks and in employee’s personal time (e.g. establishing lunchtime walking groups, encouraging walking/running/cycling to and from work); decreasing common injuries (e.g. information sessions to increase knowledge about how to prevent common injuries, core strength training to reduce back injuries, etc.); encouraging healthy eating; and promoting good mental health. The company directors have asked for the program to be evaluated. Consequently, your manager has asked you to prepare a report explaining the program evaluation options, which option is best, and any other relevant information to get the most out of the company’s investment. The evaluation should consider the effectiveness and efficiency of the program. You may select a large company (e.g. a bank) in Australia to base your assignment on if you want to use real corporate documents. Alternatively, you may write the report about a fictitious, but realistic, organisation.


In the above scenario, you are to advise how the program could be evaluated and seek approval to undertake the recommended program evaluation process. As such, the report needs to ‘sell’ the benefits of program evaluation and your recommended evaluation process. The limitations of program evaluation should also be noted.


The report should include (but not necessarily be limited to):


The purpose/objective of the report;

The relationship to the corporate plan (if applicable);

Background (including an overview of the program to be evaluated);

A discussion regarding program evaluation;

The program evaluation framework and tools you recommend are used;

The financial implications of your recommendation/s (cost/benefit aspects);

Conclusion; and



Please note: you do not need to prepare a budget for the report (as budgeting is covered later in the unit).


The report is to be 2,000 to 2,500 words in length excluding tables, diagrams and appendices. It must conform to normal academic requirements and must be correctly referenced. It should also be logically structured and the use of headings and sub-headings, diagrams, tables and appendices is encouraged.


The information provided in the unit materials, readings and lectures should be expanded through your independent research and used to support statements/explanations in the report. Please ensure that you have used references throughout your report to support your approaches and statements and that your report is fully evidence-based.



Concise and accurate professional writing is an important skill, so please ensure that you observe the word limit and provide the word count (excluding tables, figures, headings and appendices) at the end or on the front cover of the report.

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