Applying an Ethical Decision-Making Model

Applying an Ethical Decision-Making Model

This assignment reinforces the importance of ethical decision-making in nursing. You will apply an ethical decision making model from this week’s readings to an ethical issue.

Review Park’s “An Integrated Ethical-Decision-Making Model for Nurses”  (LINK BELOW)

Park, E. J. (2012). An integrated ethical decision-making model for nurses. Nursing Ethics, 19(1), 139-159.

Apply the ethical decision-making model in the article to access to care or an ethical issue of your choice.

Follow the steps provided in the model, including the following.

Label each of these six steps:

1. State the ethical issue (using two conflicting ethical principles) and its relevance for nursing practice.

2. Collect and analyze additional information: 

  • What populations does this serve?
  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • What information is needed to overcome the problem?
  • After looking at additional information, decide whether the initial problem was correctly stated.

3. Develop alternatives and compare them:

  • What alternative programs address the issues?

4. Justify the decision:

  • Explain why this is important, needed, or beneficial for vulnerable populations.

5. Find strategies to implement the plan:

  • What ethical arguments could you use to dissuade someone who disagrees with the program?

6. Evaluate


Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • 15- to 20-slide presentation with slide titles for key points (TITLE PAGE AND REFERENCE PAGE DOES NOT COUNT)

Cite at least 3 evidence-based, peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years to support your position(s).

Include an APA-formatted reference list.




  • Lachman, V. (Ed.) (2005). Applied ethics in nursing. Springer Publishing Company. Retrieved from
  • Read Sections 12-15 on pages 8-10 to review common ethical theories in nursing.
  • Ulrich, C. M. (2012). Nursing ethics in everyday practice. Sigma Theta Tau International. Retrieved from
  • Read Ch. 2: Ethical Decision-Making: A Framework for Understanding and Resolving Mental Health Dilemmas.

 Required Readings:

 Recommended Readings:

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