Analysis and justification for the market selection and marketing strategy by SME International Market

PURPOSE: to write a business report that shows evidence of wide reading/research, applied to a practical task

instructions:You must have sufficient knowledge of the company’s capabilities and you must identify and research a potential international market.

You should make brief outline recommendations as to the global marketing strategy.

Your report should identify any issues relating to the research method itself.

You must present your findings in a report.

You will need to conduct research into a specific overseas market for a particular product or service. You may choose the product market category but it must be an SME. You must present your findings in a report.

You should conduct secondary research, only, into the overseas market and your chosen company. You should consider the business’ capability and the macro environment of one of its international markets and the competition.

You should also critically evaluate the validity of the secondary information and data that you have used. Secondary sources are notoriously difficult in International Marketing Research. Illustrate and explain the issues.

This business report should have 6 sections and be logical, well-researched using Harvard Referencing. It should be written objectively with evidence based discussion.

steps to follow:1. Introduction
Include ‘signposting’ of the key issues which follow in the report. Briefly introduce … the market
2. Findings and analysis Link to other marketing theories such as marketing research, market selection, macro environmental factors, including culture, buyer behaviour and segmentation.
3. Conclusions and limitations of the research methodology.
Summarises the key points already made and link to the task set. No new information.
4. Recommendations … for your company
5. Reference list (at least 20 references, with at least 10 academic, separate academic from secondary.)
Give full details, following CASE Harvard Referencing guidelines.
6. Appendices must be linked to the body of the work    


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