Alterations in cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Scenario: 76-year-old female patient complains of weight gain, shortness of breath, peripheral edema, and abdominal swelling. She has a history of congestive heart failure and admits to not taking her diuretic, as it makes her “have to get up every couple hours to go to the bathroom.” She now has to sleep on two pillows in order to get enough air.


·        Develop a 2-page case study analysis, examing the patient symptoms presented in the case study. Be sure to address the following:-

·        Explain both the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary pathophysiologic processes of why the patient presents these symptoms.

·        Explain how the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary pathophysiologic processes interact to affect the patient.

·        Explain any racial/ethnic variables that may impact physiological functioning. Give modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors as well

·        Written Expression and Formatting – Paragraph Development and Organization: Paragraphs make clear points that support well-developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas. Sentences are carefully focused—neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance. A clear and comprehensive purpose statement and introduction are provided that delineate all required criteria.


·        Please use peer review journal articles within the last 5 years.(4-5 references)

 APA format

·        Introduction and conclusion is needed

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