A _______ is a computer that provides data and other services to other computers and devices. Question options:

A _______ is a computer that provides data and other services to other computers and devices.

Question options:





Question 2

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When equipping your office, your first concern should be the

Question options:





Question 3

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Your reputation and credibility will be immediately destroyed if your website contains

Question options:

mediocre content.

grammatical errors.

special offers.

requests for email addresses.

Question 4

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What is one of the very first things to do when planning your website?

Question options:

Focus on search engine rankings.

Check for pixalization.

Choose a unified color scheme.

Register your domain name.

Question 5

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Two types of software that are mandatory for any business are an accounting program and a

Question options:

security suite.

gaming program.

photography program.

music-sharing service.

Question 6

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Maria is starting a pet hotel and needs a website to promote her business and establish her brand. Which of the following is the best way for Maria to generate her site?

Question options:

Maria should learn HTML coding and create the site from scratch.

Maria should outsource the development of her site to a web design firm.

Maria should use a turnkey solution that will allow her to use templates and management tools to create the site.

Maria should focus on her print materials to avoid the expense of hosting a website.

Question 7

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Which of the following is true of today’s modern office?

Question options:

It must have a traditional landline with a dedicated telephone.

A physical office is more of a convenience than a necessity.

A traditional desktop computer with a large hard drive is required.

The required office equipment is much more expensive than in the past.

Question 8

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When creating a home network, many people use _______ instead of Ethernet due to its simplicity and lower cost.

Question options:





Question 9

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Even sole proprietors should have at least how many computers?

Question options:





Question 10

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Web hosts generally offer between ______ of free storage.

Question options:

10MB and 50MB

50MB and 100MB

100MB and 200MB

200MB and 300MB

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