3-1 Discussion: Performance Reviews: Improve the Process to Make It Meaningful

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An important part of being an effective manager is the performance evaluation process. Read Time to Scrap Performance Appraisals?, which explains some of the problems with the performance evaluation process and offers some suggestions on how to make this process more meaningful and effective. After reading the article, think about your last performance evaluation (or a school-related evaluation). In your initial post, describe this evaluation. How did you feel walking out of that meeting with your manager or professor? Was it meaningful and effective? Did you have a clear understanding of your performance? Did you understand your goals and objectives?

Next, consider the “new keys to success” discussed in the article. Address the following additional questions in your initial post: Could your evaluation have been made clearer to you? Which “keys to success” would have assisted in your situation? Why?

In responding to your peers, compare and contrast the various uses or potential uses of the “keys to success.”

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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Hello Students:

The purpose of an employee evaluation is to measure job performance. Many evaluations provide quantitative measurements essential for a production-oriented work environment. Other employee evaluations provide employers with metrics regarding the quality of employees’ work. The importance of an employee evaluation is that it’s instrumental in determining whether an employee’s skill set is appropriately matched to the employee’s job. Below is an Employee Evaluation Checklist that should be included in this task.

  • Set Expectations
  • Review Strength and Weaknesses
  • Explain and Review Goals
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Measure Performance
  • Communicate with Employees
  • Face to Face meeting

Effective and frequent communication between a manager and an employee will eliminate any surprises during this process!

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Discussion: Performance Reviews: Improve and Process to make it meaningful

Janet Cahoon posted May 18, 2020 10:43 AM

Hello Class,

We have performance reviews yearly; however, we have quarterly “check-ins” if needed with Management. The talent management platform or TMS is our hub for managing OUR career, build skills, contribute in meaningful ways, or explore opportunities. The process, to me, supports team members in their personal and professional growth by setting development objectives that help the individual and company grow, encouraging coaching and feedback to help improve and foster our development. I have access to this portal all year long, and I set my own goals, evaluate, and rate myself on how well I believe I performed for the company, what were my strong points, what needs to be improved if anything, and alignment with the company’s overall goal and objectives. The review itself is 4-5 questions, and the employee lists bullet points to support the subject. An example question on our last review: What were the ‘standout’ accomplishments/successes for the past year? List 4 bullet points that reflect the critical or high impact accomplishments this past year. It is a great question and one that I had plenty of points to list. I feel you are responsible for your position, and you know your expectations, workload, and you should be the one to speak to it.

A big part of our goals is to have sixty hours of training or community service, if you want to take some classes, the company offers that to you, and it is free. They support and pay a certain percentage if you choose to go back to college. If you did volunteer work and turn in a signed sheet from that organization, it is counted towards your 60 hours. I think it is excellent that the company allows you to better yourself and add that to your evaluation. The Manager will have input as well; they cannot remember everything you do daily. Still, they will surely know your standout moments. As far as a rating system, yes, we do have a range from Outstanding to Unsatisfactory needs more coaching and improvement. Not everyone has the same workload, responsibilities, high visibility tasks, or report outs, so there is an order to the payout process. The Site manager meets with us individually, and it is always pleasant, never negative, at any time in my 27 years. Respect for the individual and core values has always been out front at our facility.

Honestly, I have been in the department so long, the Manager will sit with me and say, what else is there to say Sue, do you have any questions, concerns, ideas, if not, keep doing what you’re doing, that was my last review, after some laughter she always encourages me and states, whenever you are ready to move from managing Rail, say the word. It may seem she does not go over in detail, but I know what the job entails, what is expected, I have the resources available, and the encouragement from Management to keep pushing myself. It is always discussed what job role you see yourself in the upcoming years and what changes you would like to make to your current position, again this is not just at review time, open-door policy whenever you want to discuss your career path. When I first came into the Rail position, I was allowed to make changes within reason and to give updates on the status. I like what I do and I am allowed the freedom to progress the position.

Management does not wait to review time to give us feedback; it is given regularly through a quarterly review or through our private Microsoft teams that include our group, where we all speak to each other’s achievements, weekly. It does not stop there; we hear from Corporate Management as well on our reviews, receive emails thanking us for a job well done. WestRock already incorporates a lot of the keys to success, as mentioned above. I did not realize that, until this discussion post, it is encouraging to know I made the right choice a very long time ago. The company does not enlist in pay per performance; instead, you assess what contributions you have made to your job and the department. We continuously cross-train, take classes, and discuss what can make workflow more efficient, and it is a team effort. During this pandemic, we can see fruits from Management, leading us in this direction. I love what I do, the company, shared vision, core values, and the fair employee evaluation system in place.

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3-1 Discussion: Performance Reviews: Improve the Process to Make it Meaningful

Jason Fiorentino posted May 18, 2020 4:19 PM

I’ve been working at my current employer for roughly three years and every year I get the same review. My manager calls me into his office and we talk about my performance, and my position within the company. Most of the time things go smoothly. There was one review though that I will always remember. It was as though the whole time my manager kept asking me why I deserve the money I was making. There was not too many words of encouragement or reassurance on the good job that I was doing.We did not talk about objectives or goals that one review but in my other reviews we did. My manager asked me to write down my own goals and what I wanted to achieve. My manager then proceeded to write down the ways in which he could help me to achieve those goals. This is something I remembered that was effective because it is something that we were both working on to better myself and to move up within the company.

In the first interview, I felt as though it was only the negative that was talked about, there was no recognition or praise for the good that I was doing. The second interview though was very clear. It also provided me with ways to improve my performance but also discuss what I thought I was doing well in. “Separate the discussions about performance from discussions about potential and future career plans. Yes we need to evaluate people when raise time comes, but that can be a totally different conversation from” (Bersin, 2014). This was something that was helpful for me as it outlined what I was doing well and my own opinions on my performance. During this interview we actually did not talk about a raise but we did have a separate conversation at a later time. Something that would have helped me was to have my manager give me regular feedback. “Managers should be giving people feedback regularly. If they learn to do this on a regular basis it will get easier and employees will learn to appreciate it” (Bersin, 2014). I feel as though that would set the tone and I would be more appreciative of not only the good things that were said but also the not so positive things.


Bersin, J. (2014, June 20). Time to Scrap Performance Appraisals? Retrieved May 18, 2020, from https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshbersin/2013/05/06/time-to-scrap-performance-appraisals/#30ca61a131c3


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