Sample Statement of Purpose “ Telecommunications / Communication Engineering

This sample SOP is for applying to a masters program in Telecommunications / Communication Engineering in North America.


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Statement of Purpose “ Telecommunications / Communication Engineering


     The Information Age presents us with tremendous possibilities as well as unique challenges, and my decision to study communication engineering is motivated by a desire to contribute to the development of this industry in the future.

 My undergraduate studies of communication engineering proved highly instructive and inspiring. Perhaps most importantly, the classes and laboratories I participated in helped to solidify my determination to devote my long-term career to this area. The classes I took gave me a firm grounding in the theory of electrical and communication engineering, and I was fortunate to study in a program that was forward-thinking, with professors who always pushed us to look to the future. In this environment, I was also surrounded by highly motivated and visionary students, who challenged me to rise to the best of my ability. As a result of my experience in the university, I never doubted that I would continue my studies beyond the undergraduate level, as I understand the unparalleled value of learning in a dynamic and research-based environment.

As I considered my options for postgraduate studies, the Master of Engineering in Telecommunications program at Goodwell University has stood out for a number of reasons. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is especially attractive to me, as this will give me a much broader, more practical understanding of all aspects of telecommunications, including the business and regulatory aspects as well as the engineering side. In addition, the hands-on focus of the program and the links to industry will prepare me for long-term success. With the inherently international nature of todays telecommunications industry, it is important for me to study in an international environment away from my home country, and doing so in one of the top engineering departments in North America will certainly give me a unique advantage in my career pursuits.

After completing my masters degree, I expect to apply what I have learned to drive the communications industry forward and thus benefit people and society as a whole. I will return to my native country and seek work in the rapidly developing telecommunications industry, where this is currently a strong demand for talented, experienced communication engineers, and especially ones with international experience. By working in this context, I am confident that I can distinguish myself as a leader in my profession and make many valuable contributions to the modernization of my country. This is a very exciting time to be working in the communications industry, as technology is evolving quickly and new applications are being devised constantly. If I can work at the cutting edge of this industry, I know that I will have a career that is enriching, meaningful, and rewarding in the long term.

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