Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP): MBA (2)

This sample SOP is for applying to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program overseas.


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Statement of Purpose “ Master of Business Administration


For the past eight years, I have been immersed in the workplace at Goodwell Electronics, Inc., a rapidly growing OEM company in [my country]. Due to the demanding pace of my schedule, I used my annual vacation time to travel abroad. My travels have given me a deeper understanding of the mindsets of people in different countries as well as the diverse cultural customs and attitudes that exist in different parts of the world. Similarly, my supervisor at Goodwell Electronics frequently traveled overseas in order to expand the companys business into new markets. I was impressed by his international style of thinking and acting and his strong awareness of global business. My association with this supervisor, as well as my previous travels, has inspired me to pursue a career with an international focus. In the future, I aspire to hold a managerial role in a multinational business; achieving this goal, however, requires that I have an international education and develop a more globalized viewpoint. Your MBA program is a key step in adequately preparing for my future goals.

I developed academic and work experience concurrently, as I worked part-time throughout my time as an undergraduate. While pursuing a diploma in Information Management at Goodness University in [my country], I began working part-time at Goodwell Electronics as an Assistant in the Manufacturing Department, where I acquired experience in data management and document archiving. Although this was an entry-level position, it was an instructive opportunity and a valuable complement to my academic training.

After completion of my diploma in Information Management, I began studying for my Bachelors degree in Business Administration at Goodness University. At the same time, I was promoted to the role of R&D Materials Procurement Goodwell Electronics Engineering Department. This was an immensely valuable and enlightening experience, as it corresponded directly with that which I was learning in the university. I was responsible for searching for and procuring R&D materials, controlling the quality of products, and analyzing and controlling costs. While learning about management, accounting, and other skills related to business administration in the classroom in the university, I was unique among my classmates because I had the opportunity to both apply my acquired knowledge and simultaneously develop practical skills and experience. As a result, during this period I developed my communication and coordinating abilities, and I became familiar and confident with management functions.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with overall grades that ranked me in the top of my class. I attribute my excellent grades to my diligence and motivation in the university, and I feel that my work experience played a significant role in my ability to master the concepts presented in the classroom. Despite my busy schedule, I found time to participate in several sporting associations and competitions in the university. Furthermore, in my senior year, I was elected team leader of a Product Design project that was arranged by the teacher of the Product Design course. I was responsible for assigning coursework to different team members and collecting and analyzing information. This role taught me to work systematically and helped strengthen my communication and interpersonal skills.

After graduation, I remained in Goodwell Electronics, and I was promoted to the full-time position of Executive Administrator in the Engineering Department. My responsibilities have increased steadily, and over the past five years in this role I have had chances to utilize my previous education and working experience to further hone my skills and operate as a professional administrator in this internationally-focused company. I have been in charge of meeting and travel arrangements, as well as training new staff members and purchasing, tracking, and inspecting company supplies. I have found this position to be as rewarding as it is challenging; most importantly, it has provided me with a valuable foundation of knowledge in practically all aspects of business and administration. However, despite this breadth of experience, I feel that it is necessary for me to pursue a masters degree in [your country] in order to further broaden my horizons and expand my career potential in the international business arena.

After finishing the MBA program, I expect to have acquired substantial management and business administration expertise. Running a successful company requires constantly improving quality on both the individual and business levels. Goodwell Electronics, for example, is an OEM company, but they would like to develop their own brand and pursue more ambitious opportunities. Doing this requires that they devote resources to branding and design management, which requires professional management with a broad perspective. In the future, I hope to work as a Project Manager, a role which demands excellent organizational, planning, and communication skills. If I am to achieve this goal, I must continue to improve my knowledge and experience in analysis, teamwork, communication, and organization. I feel strongly that the MBA program offered by your institution is ideal for developing these skills and preparing me for a managerial role in a multinational company in the future.


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