Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP): Marketing (2)

This sample SOP is for applying to a masters program in Marketing in the UK.


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Ever since my childhood, I have been independent and adventurous, and this has led me to seek new experiences and pursue my goals with passion. I worked in several part-time jobs while in the university, and after graduation, I began working in more professional, full-time roles. However, I have also realized that, given the intensely competitive nature of the workforce at present, an undergraduate degree alone is insufficient for meeting my goals and developing a challenging and dynamic future career. I am eager to see the world, meet new people, and discover new ways of thinking, and I have thus decided to pursue my masters degree in the UK in order to enrich myself with professional expertise in a multicultural environment.

My father runs a small business, which he inherited from his father. What began as a small factory has gradually developed and expanded through the years. However, with the unique challenges and ever-evolving nature of the modern business world, it has become more difficult for small businesses such this to compete. Rising costs and lower profits in recent years have threatened the vitality of this company, and if this continues, the business will be unable to continue operations. This has been the main factor in my decision to pursue studies of marketing, which will provide me with the skills necessary to help the business expand, thrive, and remain viable in the future.

I studied Engineering in the university, which allowed me to develop strong logical thinking and analytical capabilities. I expect that these qualities will prove immensely useful when engaged in business-related activities, such as analyzing financial statements, developing strategies, and solving problems. While in the university, I participated in various activities in my department, such as orientation, camping activities, and the graduation party, through which I met many people and developed my communication and interpersonal skills. These experiences taught me the importance of meeting new people, trying new things, and taking part in activities.

Due to my natural interest in marketing, I began working in the marketing department of Goodwell Technology Co., Ltd. after graduation. I was in charge of marketing and sales, and this was my first opportunity working in an actual, international marketing situation. During this time, I collaborated with my supervisors and colleagues to develop strategies to promote Goodwells products and services. The company, which exports digital imaging products, is quite young. As a result, it was a lively setting in which to work and present new ideas. I learned a lot from my colleagues, and most importantly, I learned the practical nature of what it takes to market products abroad in a fiercely competitive environment.

My work at Goodwell convinced me that, through effective marketing, my fathers company can expand to international markets, compete effectively, and prosper for many more decades. I have learned that any single product can be either successful or unsuccessful based on the marketing strategy. However, such success depends on a marketing professional with international experience, and this is the role I expect to play in my future career.

I have chosen to apply to your schools masters program, specifically, for various reasons. The modern business world demands professionals with an understanding of different cultures, languages, and attitudes. In my view, pursuing a masters degree in your school is the ideal way to broaden my horizons. I am eager to enter your institution and take advantage of the extensive resources, learn from the renowned professors, and work alongside people from different countries and backgrounds. I feel confident that my past education and work experience has prepared me for the demands and challenges that I will inevitably face, and I am eager to begin studying in your institution so that I may prove myself.

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