Sample Statement of Purpose “ Design Strategy / Design Management

This sample SOP is for applying to a masters program in Design Strategy in the UK.


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Statement of Purpose “ Design Strategy / Design Management


     Throughout my life, I have been drawn to the arts and the process of creation. I enjoy exploring diverse ways of self-expression, and I find great inspiration in the creations of others. After majoring in Sculpture in the university, I worked at an art gallery and did public relations for local artists. In the process, I have seen firsthand the challenges and opportunities of the arts and design industry in this country. I now hope to explore the business side of this industry further and contribute my skills to bridge the gap between designers and those who can market and sell their work. This is the basis of my decision to apply to your MA Design Strategy (Design Management) program.

The design industry in my native country is cutting edge and full of potential. However, it is important to augment the business side of this industry in order to expand the reach of local artists. In my work, I have seen that I am good at coordinating and promoting designs, and I hope to undertake graduate studies that will enable me to develop a career in design management. There are no suitable graduate programs in this area where I live, however, so I have decided to study in the UK, a country known for cutting-edge design and excellence in education. By studying in your highly regarded, well designed Design Strategy MA program, I hope to learn about the process of creating brand value and develop the professional skills that I will need to work in design consultancy or another similar role in the emergent creative economy of my country.

My previous experience gives me a unique perspective and a good foundation of knowledge that I can use as a graduate student. After earning my Bachelors degree, I began working at an art gallery as a curator. Here, I was introduced to the business side of a field that I had previously only explored from the perspective of an artist. I was intrigued by the disconnect between these two sides and the discrepancies between the goals of the artists and the needs of the gallery. This led me to take a position in public relations, helping local artists to present their works in media and venues that would best suit them and allow them to grow. Such work gave me an understanding of the challenges of balancing artistic and financial considerations, yet it also inspired me, as I began to see how I could make a difference in the lives of artists and thus the culture of my country as a whole.

It is clear to me, however, that passion alone is insufficient for achieving this goal. This is why I have decided to apply to your masters program, as I am eager to complement my artistic background and work experience with more formal training related to the business side of this industry. After researching a number of possible graduate programs, I find your MA Design Strategy program closely suited to my needs and goals. I am looking forward to learning from the experienced and esteemed professors while working alongside students from different backgrounds who bring different perspectives and life experiences. I am particularly interested in learning new approaches to creating brand value, as there are few programs in my native country that touch on this area. In short, I know that going abroad for my graduate degree will allow me to broaden my horizons and look at my future career with a new set of eyes, and I am thus highly motivated to get all I that I can from your program.

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