Sample Scholarship Letter (4)

The below essay was used by an international student to apply for a scholarship to a graduate school in the UK (personal details have been changed). 




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     I can still remember the day my brother walked through the door of our family home after spending the past two years studying overseas in England. It was like he was a different person. He exuded a newfound confidence and talked about his career with a new sense of clarity. He beamed as he talked about his experience living in the UK, and the benefits he received transcended the mere academic aspect of his time there. The transformation I saw in him inspired me to follow in his footsteps and pursue an education in England.

However, I also know that there is a considerable financial burden for graduate students in the UK, and accordingly, I will need considerable financial assistance in order to take advantage of such a rich and dynamic learning opportunity. As an undergraduate, I worked at a local cram school in order to finance my education, yet it often became quite difficult to manage my part-time work along with a heavy course load, especially during intensive testing periods. This is why I view the Karen Smith scholarships as vital to my further education. The University of XXX offers a wealth of extremely valuable resources, and I want to ensure that I have the time and the ability to take full advantage of them. These scholarships will enable me to do just that, which will benefit me tremendously in my future career.

After I earn my masters degree in Finance, I plan to enroll in a CFA program and eventually pursue an MBA. This will prepare me to work as a financial analyst dealing primarily with investment funds, which is my short- to mid-term career goal. After accumulating sufficient experience, I plan to start a financial services firm in India, offering accounting, tax and consulting services. In addition to my core professional aspirations, I also hope to set up programs for high school students to help them choose the most suitable academic and career paths. My motivation in this regard is based on my own experiences as well as those of my classmates. Although, in hindsight, I am very glad to have followed my parents wishes and specialized in finance, many of my peers have ended up majoring in subjects in which they have little interest. On a large scale, this results in wasted talent and the loss of some of our nations most valuable resources.

The education offered by the University of XXX can give me the financial expertise, professional confidence, and international perspective that I will need to achieve my goals. In order to get the most out of this unique educational opportunity, I am applying for the financial assistance provided by the Karen Smith scholarships. I sincerely appreciate your consideration, and I pledge to devote all of my energy to studying and learning should I be granted a scholarship.

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