Question 1:

Outline your justifications for your team’s choice of decision methodology for the in­module exercise

and critically evaluate that choice.

Reflective writing ­ On completion of the assignment, write a short reflective piece (500 words max)

that summarises your reflections on what you have learnt during the post module period, and how

your learning has developed. This piece is to be submitted with the main assignment.

a) Feed forward is offered up until 1 week before submission.

b) The expected length of the answer is 2000 words. This does not include the reflective writing,

table of contents, table of tables, or table of figures. Nor does it include your reference list or any of

the standard question text. Please provide a word count at the end of your answer.

c) You should use figures, tables and diagrams to support your answer.

d) There is a general rule in academic writing in that every fact should be supported by evidence that

it is true. This is so other authors can build on your work with confidence. If things are stated that

are not supported then they cannot be used in later argument. There are of course some places

where presenting evidence is not necessary and these are things that are directly observable and

common knowledge. For instance you can say “The sky is blue” and not have to give a reference but

if you say “The sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering” or “the sky is blue with wavelength of

474–476 nm” then you would need to refer to the paper that told you these facts. So please make

sure that you use your sources correctly.

e) You also need to be critical and analytic. Just making statement of fact will get you few marks.

You need to discuss what these facts mean and extract greater more generic truths from them.

f) Remember to delete the necessary parts of the template and to fill your details in where expecte

Module: Robust Decision Making

1. We were divided into groups and were asked to read the attached case study (WaveRiders).

2. We were also asked to use the decision­making tools covered during the module to help us make

our decision (attached photo of the module content)

3. There are some missing points the case study so we met the tutor every now and then to discuss


4. There are 3 decisions we had to make or suggest to WaveRiders to take, which were

a) If they should continue with the project

b) What location they should go for

c) What marketing method they should go for

5. We asked the tutor if we chose the right tools for each decision and he approved. Tools agreed

based on decisions(look to the presentation)

We chose them because we think they are the most appropriate, and we actually didn’t pay much

attention to the tools as the main focus was to complete the task.

6. Presentation ppt file is attached which is our final work presented, also attached ppt feedback from

the tutor which we got after the presentation.

7. References should be reasonably used 15 +3 or ­3. Mainly books please.

8. These are the justifications for my team’s choice of decision methodology for the in­module

exercise and the task now is to critically evaluate that choice in 2,000 words.

9. Anything else to be clarified please let me know, Many thanks for your help.


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