This is a Risk Management Assignment, so try and refer to a larger housing provider.

1 – How the risk management policy will be developed, setting out clear responsibilities for risk management at different levels, how to communicate the policy across the organisation and to other relevant parties so as to develop an organisational culture in which people are risk aware.

2- A method for establishing the risk criteria for an organisation taking account of the view of relevant people across an organisation and stakeholders and how you would review and update the risk criteria for an organisation. Propose how you would deal with changes to the organisation and how you would cater for changes existing risks and dealing with new ones. Analyse the nature of these potential risk, their probability of occurrence and possible consequences for the facilities management function and an organisation.

3- Explain how you would produce a risk profile of an organisation taking account of the risk criteria and other relevant information. Propose how you would collect and evaluate information from across an organisation on how identified risks have been or are being dealt with, including contingency plans which have been put in place. Identify the resources that need to be allocated across an organisation to support and enable effective risk management.

4- Suggested practises to ensure senior management commitment to the risk management process.

5- Propose how you would review and evaluate the effectiveness of the risk management process in an organisation, identifying potential improvements and making changes where necessary. Review and update strategies for dealing with threats to business continuity and the robustness of disaster recovery plans.

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