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Resume Cover Letter

For this assignment, you should locate a job advertisement from an actual company. You may look on company websites, periodical websites, or any legitimate online job database, such as Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com, to find your ad. You can find a more extensive list of these online job resources on page 341 (Table 13.1) in your text. However, the ad you choose should contain enough details to allow you to create a specific response. Remember to find the name of an actual contact person if at all possible. You should then compose a resume cover letter that adequately fits the job description. Be sure to use your own wording, not simply copy the examples. To make your cover letter as precise as possible, it will be helpful for you to research the company and position you choose using print media and/or internet resources, such as the online databases available through Sterne Library. Pay careful attention to how your stated skills and experience fit the job’s overall requirements. If necessary, you may embellish your achievements in order to meet the qualifications for employment.

NOTE: Be sure to provide the basic requirements from the ad itself when you submit your assignment, a website address will suffice as well. This letter should be written in block business letter format and limited to one page in length. You may follow the format of the cover letter example provided in Blackboard or the example on page 367 (Figure 14.1) of your text.


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