How do you research technology that has not been developed, tested, or even introduced? If you type in the name of technology item you are curious is in existence, and the search returns little or no matches – does that mean it does not exists anywhere? If a tree falls down in the forest, and there is no one in hearing distance from the event – does it make a sound? How do individuals to know to go and make a YouTube video only to find out a short time later it has gone viral?


I have listened to you – and you will NOT have to make a VIDEO for assignment #3. In fact you will NOT formally use the Internet to complete this next assignment. 


University is a research institution so lets put that to the test and see how you will use PRIMARY research to complete the following:


Course Objectives utilized: 


II. Articulate the function and purpose of different kinds of Web 2.0 technologies that might be used in businesses, either internally or externally in accordance with the strategic goals and missions of the organization.

III. Analyze and describe how emerging technologies might be implemented and evaluated by organizations in order to gain competitive advantage within their industry.

V. Describe the technology trends that presently drive or are expected to drive the selection of new technologies over the next decade.





Students will investigate different methods of research in order to present development, testing and adoption information on a emerging technology for a given business/corporation. Time will be allotted for one full week to investigate primary research models and conduct the research, the following second week will be used to develop the research using a web 2.0 tool that doesn’t incorporate video/audio components.


• Technology-Organization identification & overview: 


• Research/present findings on the initial development of concept,testing/validation, and resource acquisition and utilization used for adopting the emerging technology. Provide detail on all 3 required items

• Explain in detail the discovery process you employed to research your project outside the conventional norms of Internet, and published materials. 


• Identify and utilize a web 2.0 tool outside of Youtube, ScreenCast, Panopto,VoiceThread and other video/audio based tools to formally present your research. Validate the web 2.0 tool for ease of use and if information is needed by the evaluator provide a one-sheet instruction document so your information can be accessed and reviewed. 


• Publish your information to a digital site repository that you can grant access to other classmates for evaluation – post the information in the Assignment 3 Discussion Board Link as well as uploading a file or link to the Blackboard Assignment 3 


• This is a brand NEW assignment so there are no examples. You have the requirement to conduct RESEARCH and develop that with a non-video presentation tool. Check the rubric that will be used to create the evaluation survey instrument which will be utilized by your classmates to review your work.


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