PICOT Statement

The paper will put into focus the aspect associated with the shortage of nursing staff in the healthcare system of the United States of America. It is evident that the shortage of nursing professionals in the country has resulted in an escalation of LTAC that is Long Term Acute Care patients who are of forty years and above. It is evident that the shortage has resulted in such patients staying in the health facilities for a prolonged period of time of about five months. Staying in a health facility for that prolonged period of time has not had a positive effect on the health of the patients and instead, it has resulted in their health decrementing to low levels .

Population Problem

The shortage of nurses in the USA has had drastic effects on the healthcare system. Additionally, the ratio of nursing professionals to that of the patients is not equivalent as per the set legal, policy and management standards needed to ensure that the quality of healthcare disseminated to the patients is sufficient. The shortage has been contributed by the increase in demand for better healthcare, a decline in the number of experienced nurses’ professionals and also a decline in the number of registered nurses. The high rate of nurses’ turnover has also led to a decline in the number of nurses. Research indicates that in every three nurses one drops out of the profession after working for an estimated period of two years (Burns, & Grove, 2011). Additionally, it is also evident that one out of five nurses drop out of the profession in cases where the nurses work under stressful environments. Forecasts have indicated that the problem may escalate in years to come especially due to the fact that the demand for better healthcare will not be met by the supply of nursing professionals. The problem has affected a number of healthcare facilities that have seen them being closed due to a decline in nature and the quality of the services being offered. This has led to a decline in the ratio of nurses to the patients. The problem has also led to overworking of nurses especially in facilities that focus mainly on chronic illnesses (Burns, & Grove, 2011 ).


In the case, an evidence-based approach can be used in finding an intervention. The research will put into consideration six hospitals and the data will be collected based on a random sampling of the respondents. The respondents will be chosen from the nurses’ population in the highlighted facilities and will be used in trying to come up with solutions for the problem (Marć, Bartosiewicz, Burzyńska, Chmiel, & Januszewicz, 2019 ).


In the case, the research will put into consideration LTCA patients in the selected facilities. The management and the nurses will also participate in the research. Nurses will be provided with a platform where they will be able to respond to various questions touching on, turnovers, workloads, work schedules and the quality of services offered in the facilities.


The outcome will focus on trying to determine the effect on nurses’ shortage especially when it comes to the management of LTCA patients in the USA. Additionally, the outcome will focus on the effects of turnovers, workloads and work schedules among the nursing staff .


The outcome will be monitored after every four months in order to come up with a comprehensive report on the subject matter. The prolonged period of analyzing the outcomes will ensure that a conclusive report on the matter is established and at the same time determined .


Burns, N., & Grove, S. (2011). Understanding nursing research (5th Ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Marć, M., Bartosiewicz, A., Burzyńska, J., Chmiel, Z., & Januszewicz, P. (2019). A nursing shortage–a prospect of global and local policies. International Nursing Review66(1), 9-16.

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