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Rеseаrch аim: find out whether comрleting a MOOC in business has helрed business persons and students reach their goals.
Research QuestionsQ1. Did the business MOOC improve the students’ performance in their studies or careers?
Q2. What do business MOOC students think about the topics of the course?
Q3. What do business MOOC students think about the waу the topics taught to students?
Q4. What do students think would improve the effectiveness of the business MOOC?
The length and format of this chapter depends on the data collection methods used.
Quantitative data – the usual approach is to merely report results in tables or charts, drawing the reader’s attention to findings that appear to be important but without further comment. Typically, because they include tables of findings and short comments, the results chapter of quantitative studies have a low word count.
Qualitative data – here your ‘data’ is text and so this means the chapter will have a comparatively high word count. Discussion of the implications of findings may be difficult without also discussing relevant literature. You therefore may prefer to report your research findings in a combined ‘Results and Discussion’ chapter – rather than in two separate chapters.
Mixed methods – where you are using both types of data collection you will have to decide how to combine data from each element of your research. Often, it is logical to provide quantitative data (entirely, or issue by issue on aspects of your study) and follow this with the richer data from the qualitative strand. However, this presentation decision is up to you. As long as the combination is a clear and logical presentation of findings, the order does not matter.
Less is more…
Regardless of data type, it is not necessary to present every bit of data that you collected. You must be selective and present only the data that has something important to contribute to discussion of your research aims/questions
you may use SSPS to analyze the data. and the introduction of data presenting document will be uploaded. you don’t need to write in the way like the example. but you need to analyze detailed. and this part you need qualitative analyses as well.

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