Research and Support Please address Milestone two’s feedback and include these changes when working on your Milestone

1)Proposal Care Support

The data you cite in this section supports that there is a nursing shortage. However, I would have liked to see you add more insight into what research shows on the impact this shortage has on patient safety and quality care. What does the research say about the nursing shortage and its connection with quality care, thus leading you to believe a change was necessary?

2) Value-Based Support

While you discussed financial impacts of your proposal, you did not touch on value based reimbursement. How does short staffing effect patient care and then ultimately reimbursement rates received by your institution?Top of Form

Bottom of Form

3) Data Evidence

You listed an example of a quality indicator that MAY be effected by the nrusing shortage. However, you need to include data that the nursing shortage itself is an issue. How many nurses is your facility short? What is the nurse to patient ratio? How many openings are there? etc.

4) Strategies

While you gave great examples of strategies that could be used to help improve the nursing shortage, are there any interprofessional strategies currently in use that would also be helpful?

5) Strategy Defense

So what nursing indicators will be affected with the implementation of your proposal? See http://ojin.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/TableofContents/Volume122007/No3Sept07/NursingQualityIndicators.html for a list of the Nursing Sensitive Indicators Additionally, while you wrote your own professional insight, I would have liked to see you utilize research to add support to these views and ideas.

6) Articulation of Response

Submission has errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, or syntax

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