The Commonwealth Government of Australia is launching ‘My Health Record’ a secure online summary of an individual’s health information.


Available to all Australians, My Health Record is an electronic summary of an individual’s key health information, drawn from their existing records and is designed to be integrated into existing local clinical systems.


The ‘My Health Record’ is driven by the need for the Health Industry to continue a process of reform to drive efficiencies into the health care system, improve the quality of patient care, whilst reducing several issues that were apparent from the lack of important information that is shared about patients e.g. reducing the rate of hospital admissions due to issues with prescribed medications. This reform is critical to address the escalating costs of healthcare that become unsustainable in the medium to long term.


Individuals will control what goes into their My Health Record, and who is allowed to access it. An individual’s My Health Record allows them and their doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to view and share the individual’s health information to provide the best possible care.



The project is considering cloud based solutions which should be investigated. Consider various aspects of cloud based solutions such as; data security, which includes data ownership (by Department of Health, the young person, medical professionals, the Emergency Department etc). As well as other relevant aspects of cloud solutions.


Complete the Following

Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work and your progress.


 Non-Functional Requirements

o This sets out the critical system qualities, system interfaces, user interface requirements, and system constraints.

o Use to ‘FURPS+’ acronym as reference, and ensure you at cover the non-functional aspects of the acronym, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Security


 Review of cloud based

A review of strengths and weaknesses of cloud based solutions. Taking into consideration the environment which the solution would be deployed.


 SDLC Approach

Write brief description of the Pros and Cons to approaching the project using the ‘Predictive’ SDLC, then the Pros and Cons to approach the project as ‘Adaptive’ SDLC. Then recommend either Predictive or Adaptive to the SDLC for the project and briefly describe why.



This assignment is intended to develop and test your ability to research information system relevant issues. As well as develop requirement information. Also to consider the appropriate approach depending on criteria of Information System solution.

 answer should be approx. 7 pages, Times Roman size 12 (title page and references are not part of page count). You should use your own words and avoid lengthy quotations.


If any references are required, ensure to use APA referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have used in preparing your assessment. 


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