You have been appointed Head Sommelier of at your selected restaurant. The existing wine list is due

for an update and you are responsible for compiling a new wine list from scratch from the provided

wholesale portfolio.

Select one of the following Hotels/Restaurants from the list below from the Virtual Field Trip (VFT)


Marriot Surfers Paradise

Flying Fish

Cordis Hotel – The Place Restaurant

Sake Restaurant


After perusing the VFT site, briefly describe the chosen restaurant in terms of location, layout and

décor. Then compile a wine list that is appropriate to the selected restaurant with the following


1. Sparkling wines

2. White wines

3. Red wines 1

4. Dessert wines

(20­25 wines in total)

Evaluate both the wine list and menu then match appropriate wine with the menu. You must include

matches for least two entrée dishes, two main dishes, and two desserts. Additionally, outline the

importance of food and wine matching for the business.

Presentation Guidelines ­ The report must include:

­ Executive Summary

­ Table of Contents

­ Topic titles and content clearly defined

­ In­text references where required

­ Reference list (using referencing as per the TUA­BMIHMS referencing guide)

1,500 words

NOTE: The list of references, the table of contents, tables and the executive summary is NOT included

in the word count.


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