• follow and cover all the instructions.
• please see planning grid for help you to do the report, is attached.
• Observation & Interview in the workplace (currency Exchange), are attached.
• Please see the preliminary analysis that I did may help you, is attached.
• Please select just ONE specific activity that you see fit in the workplace (currency Exchange) and outline a teaching approach and curriculum to address the spoken language, literacy and/ or numeracy demands that are involved in performing this activity
• Extracts of Program outline from past assignments that may help you, are attached.
• Some references for analysing the LLN in workplace tasks: (are attached) and see the table in the last page.
• Slides that may help you, are attached.
• in parts 3 & 4, you must support it by references.
• all the references are attached DO NOT add any from your own, please.
Assessment task: a report length: 2500 words (excluding references & appendices)
The task: report in (currency Exchange).
Students will select a specific workplace activity and outline a teaching approach and curriculum to address the spoken language, literacy and/ or numeracy demands that are involved in performing this activity. Students can choose whether the teaching will occur as part of a formal vocational/ professional education and training course, or as part of a workplace training program. The curriculum must clearly identify the spoken language, literacy and/or numeracy outcomes, and be informed by research about the workplace activity. The approach must reflect critical analysis of pedagogical and other relevant considerations, with reference to scholarly literature.
The subject objectives to be addressed in this task are to:
d. Evaluate different models of integrated literacy and numeracy programs in vocational education and training, and workplace literacy and numeracy programs with reference to scholarly literature.
e. Design and pedagogically justify an integrated literacy and numeracy program for a specific vocational education and training course

Genre (format)

The assessment task must be produced in the form of a report. The report structure that you are encouraged to use is the following:
Table of contents:
1. Introduction: statement of the specific workplace activity for which a teaching approach and curriculum are being outlined (approx. 100 words)
2. The program context: learners/ workers, their spoken language, literacy/ numeracy needs, and their course/ training program (approx. 500 words)
3. Outline of teaching/ training curriculum (approx. 800 words)
4. Analysis of the pedagogical approach and its implications (approx. 800 words)
5. Conclusion (approx. 300 words)
Reference list: You must us APA style 6 for the reference list and in-text citations; for all in-text citations, you must include the page number of the idea or information, whether directly quoted or paraphrased. All direct quotes must be shown using double quotation marks (“…”).
Resources to be used
Your report must cite and reflect close and critical reading of at least 8 subject readings.
You will also need to source and cite additional authoritative sources that inform your program outline such as units from a relevant accredited curriculum and/ or training package and assessment frameworks.

Purposeful and selective use of readings beyond the minimum is encouraged where they build on and add depth to or critical insight on the ideas from the subject readings; however, evidence of depth of engagement with the minimum number of subject readings is essential.

Your report must draw on scholarly readings both to inform your approach and to critically evaluate it. You must use ideas and quotes from the readings selectively and purposefully to explain a concept or idea and to strengthen and substantiate your arguments. You must interpret and discuss and integrate the ideas and the quotes from the readings into your explanation and development of your argument; don’t just ‘drop’ quotes and ideas into your report.

Criteria for assessment
Your report will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• Thoroughness of description of the program context.
• Depth and scholarship of analysis of the pedagogical implications of the program.
• Clarity of the program outline.
• Cohesiveness and accuracy of written text.


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