Develop a quality measurement tool that could be used to assess the quality of interactions between educators and young children in an early childhood education and care setting. The tool you develop may be presented in any format you choose, for example it may be a checklist, or other form that could be used in the workplace to assess educator interactions with children. 

The tool is to cover the following areas:

respect for children

interactions and relationships with children

behaviour guidance

extending children’s play and learning

transitions and routines

maintaining the dignity and rights of children.

For each area identify at least four practices educators should demonstrate to show they can positively interact with children and consistently implement responsive care routines. These practices should be observable and measure the quality of educator interactions with children.

To help you develop your measures of quality consider what constitutes a quality interaction, for example what can educators do to show respect for children, what can educators do when talking with children, or guiding behaviour and at times of transitions to help them develop positive and respectful relationships with children.

You may wish to refer to the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care to help you complete this task, and to seek clarification on appropriate communication techniques and practices.

Your tool can be either paper- based or in an online format using a free downloadable software product. If presenting the tool in an online format, make sure you provide a Web link and instructions so that your Assessor can easily access the tool.

Keep language casual; don’t use language that is stuffy or full of early childhood jargon. Use plain English and simple terms

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