Reflective Post

Final Report/Reflection

For this post, you are asked report and reflect upon a Career Planning and Development service you utilized or an event/program in which you participated. (Reminder, you identified some that might be of interest to you in your discussion post for Module 1)


REPORT:  What service, program, or resource from CPD did you use?  Provide enough description of the service, program, or resources you used so that a person who did not participate would know what to expect if he or she were to do the same thing (2-3 paragraphs).


REFLECTION:  Write about what you learned from the experience and whether you found the experience to be useful.  If the experience was not what you expected, please explain how you think the experience may have been improved. (1-2 paragraphs)


Elaborated and descriptive report (10 pts)

Thoughtful and introspective reflection (10 pts)

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