Your organization has recently conducted a needs assessment and has prioritized its health promotion goals. You will need to design an intervention to address on goal over the next 3 years

Task (No more than 800 words) (no intro and conclusion needed)

4 paragraph – health issue, target, description of intervention and rationale 

·         Background on the health issue and your target group  – 300~400 Words

          Health issue – Falls in elderly people (New South Wales, Australia) what is happening, why is this an issue, general info etc…

          Target group – aged 65 years old and above, living alone, fallen previously, at risk etc.…

·         Description and rationale for the intervention that you have determined – around 400 words

          Description – write about the intervention (see page 2) – briefly sum it up

          Rationale –  why I came up with this intervention

          Part 1 E.g.

         Many elderly are not aware of health issue that they have

         Some might ignore their health issue – not seeking medical advise

         Lack of knowledge in preventing falls

         Not bother traveling around to see different health professional


          So this intervention will allow them to see all the main health professionals at once

          Convenient –  near where they live – easy to attend this session

          Free  to attend

          Local – can go with their partners, neighbor and  friends – more engaging (instead of going to medical centre or hospital as some elderly people do not like visiting those places)



          Part 2 e.g.

         Some elderly may not know below activities can prevent fall

         Not knowing where to join/attend such program


          Free to join

           Local – can go with their partners, neighbor and  friends – more engaging and interactive

          Some of the fall prevention program out there only focus on one type of activities – this may lead to boredom – we have different activities for each week


Below are info about the intervention which I came up with

References – as needed – APA

Intervention – Balancing actName of the intervention

Part 1 – information

          Group of healthcare professional  will hold an event/session at each local government area/community group

          All healthcare professionals are volunteers in running this event

          Health care professionals includes,

Ø  Doctors (General  practitioner)

Ø   Physiotherapists

Ø  Podiatrists

Ø  Optometrists

          Elderly people will go through each section  to see each healthcare professionals

Ø  Mini check up/assessments

Ø  Give them tips

Ø  Educate etc..

Ø  Referral letter to specialist – if issue is important

          Booklet with information will be available to bring home

Part 2 – Movement

          We will run a 6 weeks program

          Instructors will volunteer to run these classes

          Activities includes, 

Ø  Dance, Tai Chi, Otago

Ø  Balance  and Strength  building

          General home exercises will be teach

Free to participate

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