Reading the Over 120 UCLA Hospital Staff Saw Celebrity Health Records article, (attached) what training could you as a manager put into place to avoid this situation? Present your training idea using any Web 2.0 tools. How can this training on confidentiality be effective for the employees?

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In a situation of this nature, the training that I would put into place as a manager in order to avoid this situation would be intensive training that every employee would undergo during the new employee orientation at the organization, so that they will be well aware of the confidentiality requirements in respect to privileged healthcare information. One of the first subjects that will be covered during this training seminar would be the subject of what the health insurance portability and accountability act entails, and what are the stipulations and regulations that this act imposes upon the handling of privileged health information, as well as general health records. In addition to this initial training that the employees would receive, I would seek to ensure that the H I PAA regulations are reviewed on a monthly basis by the departmental managers for their departmental staff within the healthcare organization. This monthly review will take place during a mandatory educational meeting that will be held on the last Friday of every month for approximately one hour. This monthly review will also provide the employees with …

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