Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Reflections Journal Directions for Journals: Each week that they are assigned, you will be provided with a journal question or topic for your review. Please put deep through into the topics and demonstrate critical thinking skills in your answers. The journal assignments will not be shared with your classmates. Please think about using proper grammar, spelling, as well as giving credit to the authors in your contributions. Ideal contributions are at least 200 words and elaborate fully on the topics being studied. This week:  Watch this brief video on the concept of being “mind blown”.  Then reflect on how you feel when you learn something new – either in a class, at work, or elsewhere. How do the concepts of classical and operant conditioning apply to that feeling? How might you use those concepts to create an environment for successful learning and/or to motivate studying? Vedio link:


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