Provide a description of what you would advocate for and how you would do so. Be specific. Describe and explain strategies you would use and how you would use them. Then, using your example, explain why it is important for mental health counselors to be advocates.


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Advocacy in Counseling: False Identification

Psychologists are in a special position due to their skill-set. They can help people achieve a better mental state, get over trauma and life stresses that can make life difficult for those suffering from them (i.e. PTSD). For me, the rise of the Tavistock Clinic after WW2 in London was began by an advocacy – to help the soldiers and survivors of WW2 cope with the mental ‘malady’ that made it difficult for them to reintegrate into society. Today, we have identified that malady as post-traumatic stress disorder but it is in the process of helping the victims of the yet unnamed PTSD that mental health, and therefore psychology as a discipline was established.

If I were to choose an advocacy to dedicate my skills and my time to, it will be in helping the falsely accused to cope. I find forensic …

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