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Create a project schedule and budget.

Use the following guidelines to complete your assignment:

  • Project scope: Refine the project scope statements from the scope statement in the charter from Week 1.
  • Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) from the refined scope statement.
  • Project schedule: Using Microsoft® Project and the WBS you developed above, create a schedule for your project’s lifecycle. Include specific tasks and milestones, with time and resource estimates, to meet organizational objectives in 350 words.
  • Project budget: Using Microsoft® Excel® and the project schedule, WBS, and scope statement, create a time-phased budget containing cost estimates. Include direct and indirect costs for labor, machinery, equipment, supplies, and other elements applicable to the project.

Incorporate your facilitator’s feedback into the schedule and budget and include the revised versions in your final project due in Week 6.

Attached is the previous week file.

For this assignment, you will need to submit three documents: a Word document which contains the project scope and WBS, a Project document which contains the schedule, and an Excel document which contains the time phased budget. Please be sure to submit all three documents to earn full credit. Please note that the WBS is not the same thing as the schedule. The WBS is a hierarchy of the project’s scope presented as either a tree diagram or an outline. It is focused solely on the project’s deliverables. The schedule should contain activities. Activities are the tasks required to produce the deliverables. Therefore, only activities have duration and can be scheduled. That’s why these are separate elements. I realize that Microsoft Project refers to the schedule as a WBS, but that is not technically accurate. So, be sure to include the WBS in the Word document which will be a different element from the schedule included in the Microsoft Project file.

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