Task 1 (40% marks) 700 words (+/­ 10%) each short answer question

requires a response in a few sentences for the questions awarded up to 4­

6 marks and a paragraph for questions awarded up to 8­10 marks.

1) Projects are usually categorised into one of three types, identify those

types and include examples 

2) What is ‘Scope Change control’ concerned with? How would you manage this

process of change? 

3) Using the information below, plot out a full project Gantt chart and

identify the critical path? How many days does it take to complete the

project? What are the benefits of using a Gantt chart? 

Tasks Precedence Time

project? What are the benefits of using a Gantt chart? 

Tasks Precedence Time

a ­ 5 days

b ­ 4 days

c a 6 days

d b 2 days

e b 5 days

f c 8 days

g f 4 days

h f 3 days

I h 3 days

4) What is the importance of generating a project close out report? (4 marks).

5) What is Risk management and what tools and techniques might be included in the

Risk management process? (6marks).

6) Quality audits are often used on Projects. Identify the reasons why Quality audits

may be used? (10marks).

Task 2: (60% marks)(2,300 words)

Case Study:

Watson PLC is a British leisure company specialising in the provision and operation

of private health and fitness clubs. They opened their first club in 1994, and they

have subsequently opened a further 24 clubs within the UK. These clubs all

incorporate: a 25 x 12 metre swimming pool, a fitness facility, a Health studio

(including a Spa, with a sauna and steam room), 3 aerobic/dance studios, two

meeting rooms, and a small cafeteria/bar lounge area.

Watson PLC is going to open a new club which will incorporate new facilities and

services. The new club will be larger than Watson’s PLC’s existing clubs. This is

due to the additions of a small 100 seat cinema, and an extensive beauty spa. The

beauty spa will have a vast range of treatments and services available including:

hairdressing, massage, and cosmetic treatment.

As project manager appointed by Watson PLC at the feasibility stage, you are

required to prepare a report (2,300 words). From a project management

perspective outline the activities required to successfully manage this new

initiative, ensuring that it is on time, and within budget.

The analysis should include the skills and competencies required by the Project

Manager, along with the project management process. Use examples of the

concerns, stages, processes, leadership, and administration and control problems

associated with managing the lifecycle of this major project.

The answers to both tasks are independent and should be addressed separately.

Task 1 answers to six questions – (700 words) – completed as an individual


Task 2 a report that is produced for task two (2,300 words) – completed as an

individual task

For your convenience both tasks should be submitted as one document, which

contains both individual tasks.

The criteria for assessing the task two report will be:

Report presentation 

The extent to which the assignment represents an effective report, this will be judged


Appearance: Is a word count included at the end of the report? Is it within the

specified amount? Is the text double spaced?

Structure: Does the report follow the conventions of the format? Does it have a clear

introduction, explaining how it answers the questions? Do the sections of the report

develop ideas in a logical sequence? Are diagrams or other subsidiary information

shown in appendices?

Spelling and grammar: Are all words spelled correctly and is the meaning of

sentences clear?


Referencing: Have appropriate references been included in the report. Has a

recognised referencing system been used for notation? (see relevant section in the

Guide to Basic Study Skills)

Use of relevant theory 

Has the right theoretical content been chosen as the basis for answering the

questions? Is there evidence of the use of course notes and books? Is the theory that

is selected significant to the questions?

Analysis (40%) (24 marks)

This measures the extent to which students develop a structured argument for the

points they make, by combining relevant theory with the information provided in the



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