For the Final Project of this course, you are required to prepare a mini-review of the nutritional considerations of the sport that you have selected.

Prepare a mini-review of the nutritional considerations of the sport

For the Final Project of this course, you are required to prepare a mini-review of the nutritional considerations of the sport that you have selected. This review should be written as if intended for publication in the ISSN, so you will need to consult the instructions for authors provided for this journal. (

Remember that your paper needs to include an abstract and a reference list.

Word limit: 5000 words (this does not include the tables, figures or references)

For this assignment you are free to choose a sport or sporting groups that interests you. It is important in making a choice that you consider your ability to produce something novel and in depth. For example, I suggest that you do not choose marathon running or soccer (football) since there are many reviews on these topics.

It is preferable to choose a less popular sport, to limit your review to a specific issue in a sport, or to narrow your focus to a specific population within a sport.  If you do choose a well-studied sport, your paper will need to be very detailed and niched down (completely acceptable as long as you’re up to the task).

Topics chosen in previous years include: 

Firstly, Nutrition for European Handball 

Secondly, Fluid and fuel needs for the Race Across America cycling race

Thirdly, Nutrition for Tae Kwan Do

Fourthly, Nutrition for female power lifters

Further, Nutrition for wheelchair basketball players

Additionally, Nutrition for high altitude trekkers with type 1 diabetes

Also, Race day nutrition for Formula 1 GP race car drivers

Furthermore, Nutrition for synchronized swimmers   Nutrition for adolescent tennis players

Moreover, Nutrition for parkour

Issues that maybe in your paper include: 

Typical training patterns in the sport

Overview of the nutritional requirements of training including special requirements for energy and micronutrients

Issues of optimum physique and how its achievement is?

Analysis of the physiological requirements of competition

Nutritional strategies before, during and after competition that promote optimum performance

Common nutrition problems that arise in this sport, or practical issues which interfere with optimum eating practices
Supplements which may promote optimum performance in this sport

Existing and historical dietary practices of athletes in this sport

Of course, it may not be possible or relevant to include all these topics in your review. You may need to narrow your discussion to a limited range of issues to keep within the suggested word limit. Aim for a paper that is original and as specific as possible to your sport. You may need to provide guidelines on certain issues based on general sports nutrition principles, and to quote generic studies to support your ideas. However, where possible, look for original papers and studies that deal with your sport, or other sports that share a similarity with your chosen activity.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of field studies or generic laboratory-based studies before you translate the findings into guidelines for your athletes. Include a summary table that summarizes the practical guidelines that can be offered to athletes in this sport, making sure that the advice is sympathetic to the specific considerations or needs of your athletes.

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