Students are expected to submit a written report (1500 words) on the debate topic.

The written report should include:

1. A discussion of the background including introduction and relevance of the proposition.

2. An explanation of the concepts, theories, models wherever necessary ( need to be supported by

literature review)

3. An evaluation of the arguments and counter­arguments with evidences, research findings,

information. (Student is expected to discuss the advantages of his/her topic and the disadvantages of

the topic of the opposing group)

Marking Criteria for the report is as follows:


Grasp of concepts 

Understanding of concepts and ability to apply the same to the task/s

Shows a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of

topic and issues.

Awareness of relevant issues (15%) An awareness of relevant issues is demonstrated and a rigorous

assessment of these undertaken where relevant.

Argument/Analysis: (25%) Development of Argument / Analysis , Detailed discussion on the tasks

involved, Critical awareness / interpretation Excellent analysis of the information and precise

application to the task. Critical reasoning is evident in the discussion of all tasks.

Evidence of thorough critical appreciation and evaluation of relevant theory and research and a

systematic and creative attempt to relate it to the topic.


Logical flow, Cohesion, Completion and focus of task/s The report is very well organized with a

cohesive discussion lending coherence to the content. The structure is exemplary.

An assignment with excellent clarity of expression which significantly enhances communication of


Language (5%) Execution is excellent. No grammar or writing errors. Reads easily.

Information and Research: (10%) Variety of sources used, relevance of sources used

Excellent compilation of the relevant information from variety of sources. Excellent usage of the

information to support the discussion.

Use of a wide range of appropriate sources, indicating personal research and with full critical

awareness of their status and relevance.

Bibliography and in­text referencing (5%) The report demonstrates excellent HARVARD STYLE

formatting skills.

Student understands and recognizes the concept of intellectual property can defend him/her if

challenged, and can properly incorporate the ideas/published works of others into their own work

building upon them.

1­Introduction .2­ Literature Review 3­Recommendations 4­ Conclusion 5­References

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